Spartan Kids Trifecta

Spartan Kids Trifecta

This season, we have prepared something new even for our smallest Spartans and they should definitely look forward to it. Spartan Kids Trifecta, special medal for the best Spartans, is a specific medal only connected to races within Spartan race CEU.

Children will obtain the Spartan Kids Trifecta medal after finishing three kids races in categories Sprint, Super and Beast. But they need to make sure to finish all of these races within one season, only then will they truly become a Spartan Kids Finisher.

On each of these races, kids will be given a standard medal and one third of the Kids Trifecta. The thirds are differentiated by specific color of each race – red symbolizes Sprint, blue Super and category Beast is symbolized by green color. Together the thirds will create a unique Kids Trifecta medal.







It is not easy to get it and Trifecta will only be given to the best and most diligent Spartans. Each race will be in a different location. Complicated path to the Trifecta needs to be planned and thought out. And let’s not even talk about all of the training and preparation before each race.

This year, we are only starting with a warm-up round and there is much more to come later. Next year, categories will be divided by not only the length of the course, but also by obstacles. There is a lot we should be looking forward to. So chop-chop , get ready and Kids Trifecta can be yours as well!

It only depends on your performance, so go ahead and become a Spartan Kids Trifecta Finisher!

You can check out the outline of all of the races and their designated categories in a calendar pictured below. Races are planned in a way that allows children in each country to create their own Trifecta.

Spartan Kids Trifecta Calendar 2020