CEU Regional Trifecta 2019

CEU Regional Trifecta

All Spartans who finish Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super and Spartan Beast in one country (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania or Hungary) in one calendar year will receive unique Regional Trifecta patch of that specific country. Only races in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania or Hungary) are counting towards Regional Trifecta patchs.

How do I know that I am qualified
We will upload a list of all people on the website (section trifectas) who are qualified for this patch. Qualified means that the racer finished 2 of the 3 races required for the patch and is already registered for the 3rd race.

The runner must register under one profile for all races in order for the system to be able to generate the correct data and list of qualifiers.

Where do I get the patch
The patch will be given to you at the 3rd race in the finish line. In the BIB envelop you will have extra wristband that you will have to have on your hand so the staff will recognize that the racer is eligible for the patch. If you will not have extra wristband for the Regional Trifecta see the registration manager who will help you.

If I am qualified but not on the list
If you are qualified but not on the list, contact us by e-mail and we will check the data. If all is correct, you will be added to the list.

If I loose the wristband during the race
Let the timing company know in the finish line and we will check it and if correct, the patch will be given to you. We do not send any Regional Trifecta by mail, make sure that you contact us during the race.

Is Spartan Ultra part of Regional Trifecta?